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 When you are talking about the best of the best ever red wine you are definitely mentioning Brunello di Montalcino. And when you talk about Brunello the first name which makes you wonder is definitely Biondi Santi.

  Biondi Santi became almost a myth with so many different talks around, numerous  journalists, wine magazines, web sites and this list is endless. Everybody is talking about Biondi Santi family, its wine and most of the information is quite far from reality. Through all these voices and all the information that surround this name for years we decided to find out some true story from mythic Franco Biondi Santi, grandson of Ferruccio and son of Tancredi, the oldest man of family created wine Brunello.

  When we arrived there Dr. Franco Biondi Santi was following one of his famous wine tasting for wine professionals and came upstairs to meet us accompanied by storm of applauses. We followed his tall elegant figure straight forward to his cosy office with fabulous vinery view. It was long and very warm conversation till late evening very relaxing and interesting guide to story of Biondi Santi family.

- Dr. Franco, there are so many voices around your family name and “your wine son” Brunello, but where the story starts?

- History of our family and in continuation of Brunello wine starts from Clemente Santi. Young Clemente, graduated pharmaceutics of Pisa University, dedicated almost all of his life to agriculture. His red wine, some kind of prototype of Brunello was recognized through French wines in 1865, his Moscatello was awarded in Paris in 1867 and he was the one who created formula for aging red wine. The development of that version of aged red wine continued his son Feruccio Biondi Santi. He was the one who believed in long aging of that red wine, vinifying 100% Sangiovese. Although he was the one nominated as the inventor of Brunello I do believe that the biggest input in Brunello story have done my father Tancredi Biondi Santi. From the age of 24 he was already running Greppo and gave to word “Brunello” the importance of top red wine in the world.

- Dr. Franco, Brunello Biondi Santi have got status of “Brunello #1”, but which harvest for you was the special one?

- It was 1997. Although I have to say that almost for a century we are following our traditions in viniculture and our wines are equilibrated it is hard to nominate the best one. All of them we keep quite particular and uncommon have to mention long aging for our wines.

The last words of Dr. Franco Biondi Santi that ended our conversation were “… In the world there is place for everybody….”

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